Hack to the Future!

St Teresa’s Academy Computing Week 2019

Fantastic fun and learning took place at St. Teresa’s Catholic Academy for their Computing week –  ‘Hack to the Future’.

From 10th to the 14th June 2019, the normal timetable was dropped and instead, the children visited every class in the school over the course of the week to take part in a different tech activity.

The staff surpassed themselves with their planned activities which ranged from code breaking, binary numbers, programming and coding Lego robots, Beebots and Probots and mini computers called Micro:bits.


Learning with robots and remote controlled toys is always fun!

There was an exciting taste of the movie world through green screen filming with ipads and chroma key software Do Ink.

Bollywood dancing with elephants through the magic of green screen!

Learning about dolphins is easy with green screen software.

The older children even had special training from Mark Couto – a video broadcasting engineer from Techex

Fun with digital photography – with many thanks to Mrs Sarin for the Photo Booth and photography.

Microwave cooking…

The children turned their hand to radio broadcasting by making podcasts on themes of their choice.

Music technology included recording, mixing and karaoke singing.

A DJ workshop proved very popular – with many thanks to DJ Miss Tyson – DJ Workshops Ltd

Music composing software allowed the children to be creative with melody and rhythm.

Other educational activities around the theme of technology included finding out about Alan Turing, the evolution of technology, a retro room to view old phones and devices, the history of video games, naming parts of a computer and its functions, online scavenger hunts, an internet safety game and designing vehicles of the future.

An AI presentation was given by Daniel Zini, while Annie Beglin from St Crispin’s Secondary School loaned Micro:bits and a large robot!

The whole week was expertly organized by the Computing Subject Leader, Jenna Greenwood who also invited special guests into school to share some exciting experiences with the children and staff.

One visitor, Dan Melville, demonstrated how 3D printing technology had changed his life with his bionic arm. Open Bionics

Learn more about Dan here:

It was clearly an amazing week borne out by the children’s enthusiasm and engagement. All their achievements were shared on the final day when parents were invited into school to celebrate the children’s work.

Keep scrolling to see more of the children’s work and activities.

KS1 children find out about green screen filming with ipads – many thanks to Wokingham’s ICT in Schools Team for support and use of their equipment – Kathy Smedley, Alison Rolls and David CongdonWokingham ICT in Schools Team


Exploring medical technology.

Waiting in turn to record voices on an ipad using Chatterpix Kids app.

Using a speed camera

Winners of the Create a Robot competition.

A special thanks to all the staff, guests and helpers during the week.

Mr R Blyth – Child Protection Officer, St Crispin’s Secondary School  – Online Safety talk for parents.

DJ Miss Tyson – DJ workshops  http://djworkshopsltd.co.uk/

Dan Melville – 3D Printing demonstration and robotic arm demonstration  https://openbionics.com/

Green Screen Training- Mark Couto, Techex, Video Broadcasting Engineer


Photo Booth and Photography – Mrs Sarin

AI Presentation – Mr Daniel Zini

St Crispin’s Secondary School – Loaning Microbits and the large robot – Annie Beglin 

Wokingham ICT in Schools Team for support and use of their equipment

Alison Rolls, Kathy Smedley, David Congdon

By Learn with IT and St Teresa’s Catholic Academy ©2019